Launch of Super Rare Campaign – February and March 2023

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People living with PNH need our help more than ever.

With increasing pressures in our health service, and a cost of living crisis – it is too easy for the needs of people with the most rare conditions to feel left out, and let down.

You can be there for someone with PNH.

By fundraising during our Super Rare campaign, you can help PNH Support to be there when people need us most.

Earn your tee and be Super Rare!

Take on a challenge of your choice throughout February and March, fundraise in whatever way you like, feel part of a large and strong community and if you raise over £200 we’ll send you a super rare t-shirt.

The funds you raise will go directly to us, your chosen charity and help support our work.

We can’t wait for you to get involved in this fantastic campaign.

Ways to join in

The Together Walk

On the 25th February 2023 people up and down the country will be getting their walking boots on to take part in The Together Walk. You can walk on your own, get together with friends and family, or connect with others by joining or hosting your own walk on the Super Rare website.

Choose a challenge

Pick your own challenge or fundraising event, this could be a run, a cycle, a bake sale. However you decide to fundraise for us, head to the Super Rare Website and register for a fundraising pack which is full of ideas and inspiration. You’ll then be sent a link to set up your fundraising page.

Stronger together!

We’re very excited to be joining six other small rare bone marrow failure charities in this year’s Super Rare campaign.

Everything you raise for PNH Support will still come direct to us, to help us to continue to support patients, hold patient and family conferences and advocate on behalf of patients with many different stakeholders. But other communities will be able to join in to raise money for related rare conditions too!

That’s why the theme of the Super Rare campaign this year is Stronger Together.